Rehab Centers For Young Adults

Rehab centers for young adults focus on the causes and effects of substance abuse in the younger generation. The best ones offer individualized care and encourage peers to work together toward recovery.

Young adults struggle with different life issues than older adults. They experience addiction in their own way and have unique risk factors. Rehab centers for young adults provide age-specific programming to resolve issues that lead young people to substance abuse.

Addiction Treatment For Young Adults

Rehab centers for young adults generally serve individuals aged 18 to 26 or 30. This small age range allows individuals to work with their peers toward recovery.

Many people feel more comfortable sharing their experiences with others of a similar age. They can relate to each other because they are at the same stage in life and often have common struggles.

When young adults are part of a rehab program that isn’t age-specific, they may spend valuable time in group therapy discussing issues that do not apply to them. Older adults have different concerns in life, such as grown children and aging bodies.

Young adult rehab programs focus on problems and solutions that apply to most individuals in the selected age group, such as:

  • standing up to peer pressure
  • developing a positive body image
  • nurturing self-esteem
  • academic programs or support
  • vocational training
  • daycare for young children
  • counseling for single parents
  • couples counseling for those newly married

Some drug rehab centers for young adults offer dual diagnosis treatment. This evidence-based method addresses mental health issues that often occur alongside addiction in young people, like anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.

Family counseling may also be offered to help loved ones heal together and learn to support each other. Having a support system at home or among family members can make a significant difference in recovery success.

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Young Adults And Substance Abuse

Many of the issues that lead young adults to abuse drugs or alcohol stem from the transition from childhood to adulthood. Going from living with parents to living alone can be daunting. Choosing a career path or a course of study in college may seem like an impossible task.

Common reasons that young adults engage in substance abuse can be addressed in an age-specific rehab program. These reasons include:

  • stress
  • peer pressure
  • experimentation
  • freedom from adult supervision
  • thrill-seeking
  • availability of drugs and alcohol, especially in social situations
  • pressure to perform at work or school
  • untreated mental health issues
  • unresolved childhood trauma

Alcohol and other drugs take the edge off of the stress that young adults deal with daily as they go through major changes in their identity and lifestyle. Unfortunately, substance abuse often leads to addiction, which can have devastating consequences on a person’s life and health.

Our young adult rehab programs at Vertava Health of Massachusetts offer individualized treatment plans. These include behavioral therapy that focuses on unique issues in each young person’s life.

Addiction In Young Adults

The human brain continues to develop into a person’s mid-twenties. Young adults who abuse drugs or alcohol are more vulnerable to addiction, which can have lasting effects on their brain development.

Most young adults can’t grasp the negative consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. They usually think that addiction won’t happen to them. This may make it harder for them to admit when they have a problem.

Many college students and young professionals misuse stimulant drugs to increase their ability to focus and perform. Some become addicted to prescription opioids after an injury or accident.

Misusing prescriptions can lead to illicit drug use, as street drugs like heroin and cocaine are cheaper and easier to obtain.

Young adults commonly abuse alcohol, marijuana, and hallucinogens as well.

The type of substance a person uses can influence their health and lifestyle in different ways. Rehab centers for young adults consider a person’s substance of abuse and tailor treatment to meet their needs.

People choose certain drugs for a reason, and that should be addressed during rehab. Medical care should also be available to treat various health effects from different drugs.

Signs That Your Young Adult Needs Rehab

If you’re concerned that your loved one is battling substance addiction, knowing the signs can help you reach out to them before it’s too late.

Signs that your young adult needs rehab may be:

  • lack of control over drug or alcohol use
  • poor performance at work or school because of substance abuse
  • money problems from buying drugs or alcohol
  • turning to substance use at the first sign of stress
  • excessive sedation or constant high energy
  • mental or physical health problems from substance abuse

A young adult may hesitate to ask for help with addiction because they are afraid of social stigma or disapproval from their loved ones. They may think they cannot afford to pay for it or to take time off of work or school to attend an inpatient rehab program.

Some rehab centers for young adults offer resources like academic programs and payment options to break through these treatment barriers.

Choosing A Rehab Center For Young Adults

The best young adult rehab centers offer customized addiction treatment in age-specific settings. The more a program focuses on the individual’s experience with addiction—rather than treating everyone the same—the greater the chance of success.

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