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Massachusetts Wilderness Drug Rehab Program

Massachusetts Wilderness Drug Rehab Program

When a person suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction, the addiction is at the forefront of their life, changing it at a magnitude that may result in them losing sight of themselves. It doesn’t have to stay this way.

At Swift River, we utilize the best science-based therapies and treatments within our holistically-minded rehabilitation program, supporting you from the beginning and all throughout your recovery journey. To do this, we employ a wide range of treatment modalities that are geared towards addressing the unique nature and individual challenges of each person’s life.

We understand what addiction can take away from you, but we also firmly believe that it is within your power to regain and maintain a life that is once again healthy, balanced and fulfilling. We welcome you to our facility, nestled against the sweeping Berkshire Mountains, in New England’s idyllic countryside, to renew, revitalize and reinvest in your life.

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Understand The Importance Of Dynamic Care

In order for a person to achieve true and lasting recovery, they need to go beyond finding sobriety—they need to relearn, or in some cases learn for the first time, how to better balance the demands of their life against their mental and physical health needs.

Beneath these concerns lies the dark underbelly of addiction—a host of negative mindsets, behaviors, and emotions that can pollute your life in a capacity that fuels your addiction. In order to not only obtain sobriety but to protect it against the possibility of relapse, a person in recovery needs to learn how to replace these damaging states of mind with positive and affirming ones.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a trauma or may be overcome by a mental health disorder, such as depression, anxiety or many others. At Swift River, we recognize the importance of treating these things and will support you on many levels in transitioning to a more healthful state of mind, This way you’ll be more adept and confident in protecting your body and mind.

Massachusetts Wilderness Drug Rehab Program Unique Opportunity

In addition to our phenomenal treatment that utilizes dual diagnosis techniques, behavioral adjustments and family and group therapy, we offer you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the wild as a means to further promote the healing, balance, and self-discovery that these other modalities offer you.

Finding Wellness Within The Wilderness

Our program is multifaceted and created in a way that allows a person access to numerous different treatment methods in order to receive the most individualized care possible. The remarkable thing is that these treatments are designed to work together, both building off of and enhancing the others so that you or your loved one obtain the greatest measure of solidarity and benefit from treatment that is possible.

Addiction treatment is constantly evolving and has greatly changed in the past several decades. A somewhat newer revelation is the discovery of the vast impact and benefit of integrating wilderness therapy into a person’s treatment. Our 500-acre campus is an optimal place to do this—let us help you reconnect with nature and yourself.

A growing body of research illustrates the benefits that the natural world can have on our mental states. Many drugs of abuse, especially when they’re used to the point of addiction, can dull your senses and emotions, leaving you feeling disconnected or disinterested in the world around you. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Experience awe and wonder. These things may seem far off, but they are possible, and our expansive wilderness setting will engage and inspire you. Step into the forest or let your mind wander as you enjoy the many wonders our scenic landscape offers, coming to find a state of peace. Let your body cleanse itself and heal from within, as you relax, unwind and allow yourself to reach a better state of health, vitality, and equilibrium.

Massachusetts Wilderness Drug Rehab Program Shinrin Yoku

The Japanese have a provoking and impactful concept called shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing.” This entails spending a significant amount of time in the great outdoors, soaking in the great benefit that wild spaces offer our bodies and minds. This concept has been the focus of numerous studies, which have illustrated that it offers powerful health benefits, including a bolstered immune system and a reduction in stress hormones.

An addiction can deplete your immune system; stress is one of the biggest precursors to drug abuse, addiction, and relapse, so harness this opportunity to aid your body in healing the natural way. Paired with our other outstanding treatments, whole body wellness is obtainable. Come, we invite you to feel the sun on your face, find serenity beneath a wide and optimistic sky and be invigorated by fresh, clean air.

Building Strength, Vitality And Resourcefulness

An addiction can drain your mental, emotional and physical states, leaving you feeling disconnected from the world around you, and damaging the way that you perceive yourself. Not only this, but you may have grown to doubt yourself and lost the ability to invest in the self-love and self-care that is essential in cultivating wellness.

Perhaps you’ve lost direction. As a person struggles beneath the weight of an addiction, they may lose touch with important responsibilities within their life, including those revolving around their family, job and education. Due to this, your self-esteem may falter, your sense of purpose waver and your fulfillment or personal satisfaction may be seriously compromised.

Wilderness and adventure therapy can offer you an extraordinary opportunity for uprooting these detrimental thoughts and behaviors by providing you with a chance to tap into the inner strength you carry within.

In addition to the opportunities for mindfulness and introspection that will come from the quiet solitude that our acreage offers, our facility utilizes the resources of our wilderness setting as a way to challenge and uplift you for the purpose of building self-assurance, resourcefulness, focus, ambition and enhanced communication skills. These are all things that will offer great benefit to you in numerous aspects of your life.

Massachusetts Wilderness Drug Rehab Program New Capacity

For so long, within the devastation of your addiction, you may have barely kept your head up while trying to survive. We can guide you towards a new capacity of survival that will teach you to thrive and become empowered! Instead of feeling out of control or like you’re barely getting by, our expertly trained staff will guide you towards new measures of resourcefulness as you learn and employ the following things:

  • Making a fire from scratch
  • Cooking over a fire you built
  • Constructing shelters
  • Mastering survival techniques

In exploring these, you will begin to glean a greater sense of self-actualization, pride, and accomplishment, fortifying the crucial concepts that you’ve learned within other aspects of your treatment. Not only this, but these things will give you increased confidence and assertiveness for when you return home and contend with the day-to-day challenges of your life.

Imagine, if you can build a fire, create a shelter against the elements and learn how to survive in the wild, what other things can you overcome? Consider all the ways that you can utilize your new-found ability to be resilient, plan, implement and execute these goals and ambitions. Wilderness skills go beyond the woods—the self-esteem, focus, drive, and adaptability that you learn will help you to find greater success when you leave our program.

Our Additional Adventure Therapy Activities

It doesn’t stop here—we encourage you to go beyond looking at the scenery and get involved with it. Don’t worry if you’re not accustomed to spending time outdoors or engaging in any of these activities. Our counselors are standing by to educate and assist you so that you have a safe, enjoyable and life-changing experience. Here are some additional ways that we engage you in this proactive recovery method:

  • Hiking on scenic trails
  • The chance to witness wildlife in its natural habitat
  • Wilderness encounters and exploration
  • Mindfulness and meditation practices in the great outdoors

It is important to note that these activities will not take time away from your other treatments, they are designed to be used in conjunction with our other evidence-based treatments, and we never force anyone to engage in something that they don’t feel comfortable with within our Adventure Therapy Program, though we hope you give them a try!

Nurturing Through Nature

Swift River and its compassionate and expert staff are standing by to offer you or your loved one the highest caliber of treatment. Let us show you how to heal from within, amongst the graceful landscape that Swift River calls home. Please, don’t hesitate any longer—treatment is within your reach, so contact us today.


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