Partial Hospitalization Program At Vertava Health of Massachusetts: Community Activities

Partial hospitalization at Vertava Health of Massachusetts offers a number of community activities for patients overcoming substance abuse. Participating in community activities can allow patients to use and improve upon skills learned in treatment for a successful future in recovery.

Many people who become addicted to drugs or alcohol find themselves growing more and more distant from friends, family, and the rest of their community as their addiction takes hold.

This disconnection can make a person less likely to reach out for help and can negatively impact how well a person is able to interact with people around them.

At Vertava Health of Massachusetts, we recognize that connecting with others— be it other people in recovery, loved ones, or the community at large— can be an essential component for helping patients stay sober and achieve success in recovery.

To help foster this and provide patients with a chance to engage in exciting activities, Vertava Health of Massachusetts offers a variety of experiential activities for patients within our partial hospitalization program (PHP).

What Community Activities Are Offered At Vertava Health of Massachusetts?

Vertava Health of Massachusetts’s PHP schedule offers weekly opportunities for patients to participate in social and experiential activities in the local community.

Examples of community activities for Vertava Health of Massachusetts patients include:

  • volunteering
  • going to the movies
  • corn mazes
  • rock climbing
  • going to the beach
  • go-karting

The coordination of these activities and transportation are arranged by staff at Vertava Health of Massachusetts in order to allow patients to focus on the experience and practicing their recovery skills.

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Re-entering social scenes after spending time in a rehab program can be overwhelming for some people in the early stages of sobriety.
Participating in these experiences with other people in recovery can be a helpful way to ease newly sober patients back into social activity that exists outside of the structured setting of rehab programs.

Other activities may be available for Vertava Health of Massachusetts patients to participate in, depending on the time of year and events going on in the surrounding community of Cummington, Massachusetts.

Benefits Of Social Activities In Addiction Rehab Programs

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) identifies four key elements for supporting people in recovery: health, home, purpose, and community.

Within the context of a rehab program, community activities can offer a meaningful opportunity for patients to practice the skills they have learned in treatment and improve upon social skills.

Benefits of integrating community activities within drug and alcohol rehab programs include:

Engagement with the community: Participating in community activities and engaging with others can be highly beneficial for people overcoming a substance use disorder.

Many people who develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol become isolated in their illness, withdrawing from their loved ones and other social connections.

Building and restoring connections with other people in the rehab community and more broadly can be a useful component in the development of social support networks.

Facing and overcoming challenges: Social activities provide people who are in the early stages of recovery with the opportunity to confront their urges and triggers with the support of fellow patients and treatment staff.

This can be an important step for people in recovery to reckon with, particularly among those who continue to be in denial of the extent of their drug or alcohol problem.

Renewing interest in activities and hobbies: Drug and alcohol abuse can cause people to become less interested in hobbies and activities they previously enjoyed.

Participating in social events and activities can offer patients the opportunity to renew their excitement for hobbies and interests that are separate from their drug or alcohol use.

Improving social skills: It can take some time for people overcoming substance abuse to navigate social situations with ease and interact with others in a way that doesn’t feed their drug or alcohol use.

Participating in social events and activities outside of a rehab setting can give patients a way to improve their social skills without the high level of structure offered in a residential rehab center.

Begin Your Recovery At Vertava Health of Massachusetts

Vertava Health of Massachusetts’s PHP option offers an excellent transitional program for people to practice using effective coping strategies and social skills in both rehab and non-rehab settings.

Patients who enter a rehab program for addiction will not have the structure of a rehab center indefinitely.

As such, it can be important to empower people who are making progress in their recovery to practice using their new skills in situations they are likely to encounter outside of treatment.

Seeking drug and alcohol treatment within a rehab center can be a valuable opportunity to not only overcome addiction, but to also experience important milestones of personal growth.

Recovery is more than just quitting drugs or alcohol. It’s also about building a more promising picture for a future without addiction holding you back.

Contact us at Vertava Health of Massachusetts today to learn more about our partial hospitalization program and the ways we seek to empower patients for a successful future in recovery.


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