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Day Treatment (Partial Hospitalization) At Swift River

There are several levels of addiction treatment that can help people recover from substance abuse. Rehab centers like Swift River offer day treatment for addiction in Massachusetts, which helps patients transition from residential treatment back into the community.

Currently in the U.S., more than 20 million Americans struggle with substance abuse. However, only about 7 percent get the help they need from a formal addiction treatment center.

It’s important for families who have been touched by addiction to know that effective treatment is available.

Rehab centers like Swift River provide personalized treatment that helps people rebuild their lives in sobriety.

Set against the beautiful Berkshire Mountains, Swift River provides a tri-level continuum of care. Treatment phases include detoxification, residential treatment, and day treatment (partial hospitalization).

Day treatment is recommended for patients transitioning from residential settings. Sometimes called PHP, partial hospitalization allows clients to demonstrate their progress, practice newfound skills, and continue building their sober support system.

How Does Day Treatment (Partial Hospitalization) Work?

Swift River provides treatment in three phases, including detox and medical stabilization. Once clients have successfully detoxed from substances, they engage in a 30- or 60-day residential program, where they learn about addiction and recovery through a variety of therapies.

Clients are then enrolled in the third phase of treatment, which is day treatment (partial hospitalization). Day treatment provides clients the opportunity to apply their newly learned sober-living skills before returning to the community.

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During the partial hospitalization phase of treatment, clients implement the coping mechanisms they learned in treatment. This is accomplished through individual and group therapy sessions.

Day treatment sessions may focus on topics such as identifying triggers and overcoming cravings.

Therapists may also help clients form an aftercare plan, which often include sober activities, like support groups and 12-step meetings.

What Does Day Treatment (Partial Hospitalization) Look Like At Swift River?

Addiction can lead to chaos and confusion in many areas of life. Because of this, one of the main goals of addiction treatment is to reintroduce structure to the client’s daily life.

While the detox and residential phases of treatment are highly structured, day treatment provides client support in a less supervised environment. This new level of freedom allows clients to practice living their life within the new boundaries of recovery.

Day treatment also gives clients a place to ask questions about entering back into the community. To ensure high levels of support, clients in PHP have 24-hour access to staff, including nursing and medical providers.

Swift River also offers a 10:1 client-therapist ratio. This allows day treatment clients to continue their therapy sessions and get the individual support that they need.

Why Choose Day Treatment (Partial Hospitalization)?

Dealing with cravings, triggers, and potential relapse are normal parts of the recovery process. By facing these realities in a safe environment, clients learn to put their sober living skills into practice.

PHPs encourage patients to internalize the values they learn in treatment. This prepares clients to face the next step of their recovery with confidence.

Another goal of the PHP at Swift River is to provide clients with the freedom to practice recovery skills at their own pace. Day treatment places a time buffer between the intensive residential phase and community reintegration.

After participating in weeks of immersive counseling and recreational therapies, day treatment ensures that patients are given adequate time to process their treatment experience.

Partial hospitalization at Swift River offers additional benefits, including:

  • full gym membership
  • day passes
  • family visits
  • cell phone use
  • 12-step meetings
  • community activities, including movies, indoor rock climbing, and recovery-oriented field trips

How Long Does Day Treatment (Partial Hospitalization) Last?

Swift River requires that clients spend at least 10 days in partial hospitalization. However, clients who need ongoing care are welcome to participate in outpatient therapy as long as they may need.

Many treatment centers offer outpatient treatment as an opportunity to practice recovery skills in real life situations. As the client begins to demonstrate growth and a reduced risk of relapse, their treatment team may recommend tapering down their treatment sessions.

At Swift River, we encourage clients to continue day treatment and outpatient therapy as long as necessary for a successful recovery.

Is Day Treatment Right For Me?

Swift River is a great fit for those who are looking for partial hospitalization programs in Massachusetts. Our program prides itself on providing compassionate care in a serene and inspiring environment.

Research shows that the best way to treat substance abuse and addiction is in an inpatient rehab program like Swift River.

Our on-site treatment services offer:

These treatment services are offered in individual and group settings, based on the unique needs of the client. Swift River’s commitment to individualized treatment means that each client will receive a personalized and ongoing treatment plan.

If you or your loved one are concerned about the financial aspect of treatment, there are ways to minimize your out-of-pocket cost. Utilizing your private insurance is the best way to keep treatment costs low.

With the help of rehab programs like Swift River, people who battle addiction can get the help they deserve.

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