Nutritional Program At Vertava Health of Massachusetts

Nutrition is an important part of the recovery process. When clients are well-nourished, they begin their sobriety journey in a healthier place. Vertava Health of Massachusetts is an addiction treatment center that provides a nutrition program and on-site dietician to ensure all clients’ health needs are met.

Nutrition is a prerequisite for well-being, but many people who battle substance abuse suffer from deficiencies in this area.

Nutritional deficiency can happen as a result of ingesting alcohol and drugs instead of food, or from simply not eating enough nutrient-dense foods.

Early sobriety can be a challenge, and people need to be functioning well physically and mentally to engage in treatment.

To ensure clients have access to optimal health tactics, Vertava Health of Massachusetts offers a nutritional program that includes an on-site dietician.

Our nutritional program staff offer guidance and support, as clients detox from substances and acclimate to a steady diet.

By offering nutritional education and healthy food options, clients are empowered to reclaim health in every area of their life.

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What Is A Nutritional Program?

At Vertava Health of Massachusetts, we value recovery of the mind, body, and spirit. To ensure that clients reach their highest recovery potential, we offer a blend of nutrition-based services that include regular contact with a nutritionist.

The brain and body need food for daily survival. When recovering from an addiction, this is as vital as ever. Regaining a sense of physical and nutritional balance is key during the journey of addiction recovery.

Many times, people who suffer from substance use disorders make poor food choices. This can include not eating enough, not eating nutritious foods, or eating at irregular intervals.

Without proper fuel, the body cannot perform the tasks necessary for success. As a result, a person may begin to rely more and more on a substance to get them through the day.

This helps to explain why researchers have found that people with alcohol and drug addictions often have nutrition deficiencies.

These deficiencies can contribute to additional health concerns, including alcoholic myopathy, osteoporosis, and mood disorders like depression.

Vertava Health of Massachusetts’s nutrition program aims to help people regain proper nutritional balance and equip them to make healthy food choices in the future.

What Are The Benefits Of A Nutritional Program At Vertava Health of Massachusetts?

Enrolling in a treatment center that includes a nutritional aspect has several advantages. One of the main benefits of Vertava Health of Massachusetts’s nutritional program is a diverse food and meal offering.

Clients at our inpatient facility enjoy meals that are delicious and healthy. We always offer a vegetarian option and aim to accommodate other dietary restrictions and requests (for example, a kosher diet).

Additional benefits of our nutritional program include:

Nutrition Education

We provide nutrition classes, which teach clients how to cook nourishing and tasty meals. These groups also provide clients the opportunity to discover a new hobby or passion for cooking.

Our nutrition course has a financial aspect as well, as clients are instructed how to meal plan, grocery shop, and cook on a budget.

Enhanced Social Relationships

We often forget that nutrition also contains a social aspect. Across the globe, mealtime is viewed as historically and culturally significant. People who have suffered from drug and alcohol addiction may feel isolated, or disconnected from their families.

At Vertava Health of Massachusetts, our communal eating areas are designed to foster a sense of fellowship and togetherness. Inspiring clients to think about nutrition from a social standpoint can help them form healthy bonds with peers and program staff.

The Link Between Addiction, Mental Health, And Nutritional Deficiencies

Science is clear on the importance of nutrition as well. Research findings show that nutrition education is an essential part of addiction treatment programs.

One study at the National Institutes of Health found that when group nutrition education was offered, a person’s Addiction Severity Index (ASI) score improved by nearly 70 percent.

And individual nutritional education improved a person’s ASI score by 99 percent. These numbers reiterate what important role food and nutrition play in the recovery process.

Nutrition is also a significant component in the treatment of mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression.

Mental health conditions are often thought to be rooted in emotions. However, conditions like depression have a very physical component. A person’s diet and meal regularity can greatly affect the severity and duration of a depressive episode.

More than 9 million Americans suffer from an addiction and a mental health condition. This is called having a co-occurring disorder, or dual diagnosis. By offering a nutritional program, Vertava Health of Massachusetts helps all clients find recovery, regardless of their medical history.

Is The Nutritional Program At Vertava Health of Massachusetts Right For Me?

Every person who suffers from addiction will have their own unique experience. At Vertava Health of Massachusetts, we honor the individual’s addiction story, as well as their recovery potential. However, regardless of each person’s circumstances, nutrition is an integral part of recovery for all clients.

Vertava Health of Massachusetts can be a wonderful fit for people who are looking for holistic addiction treatment in Massachusetts. Our program offers outdoor-based treatment and is located on a scenic property, surrounded by protected woodlands.

In addition to a nutritional program, our treatment facility offers the following treatment services:

Nutrition is just one part of the treatment process. By immersing yourself in the diverse treatment options at Vertava Health of Massachusetts, you or your loved one can achieve a fulfilling life in sobriety.

To learn more about the nutritional program at Vertava Health of Massachusetts, reach out to a treatment specialist today.


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