Aftercare And Continuing Care At Vertava Health of Massachusetts

Vertava Health of Massachusetts offers multiple levels of addiction treatment to help people recover from drug and alcohol abuse. Once a client has completed residential treatment, Vertava Health of Massachusetts provides aftercare and continuing care programs to set clients up for a successful, long-term recovery.

Addiction affects every person differently. To ensure that everyone gets the individualized treatment they deserve, Vertava Health of Massachusetts offers a range of addiction treatment services. These include aftercare programs and continuing care services.

At Vertava Health of Massachusetts, we provide addiction treatment in three stages: detox and medical stabilization, residential treatment, and outpatient therapy (partial hospitalization). Once a patient is in the outpatient phase of treatment, they are participating in what is known as continuing care.

Each form of continuing care can be highly beneficial, as these programs allow patients to hone their recovery skills and practice accountability. One of the main benefits of aftercare and continuing care is that clients stay connected to their recovery support system.

What Do Aftercare Programs And Continuing Care Look Like At Vertava Health of Massachusetts?

Aftercare is an umbrella term that can refer to a selection of continuing care services. These addiction treatment services go beyond a person’s 30- or 60-day treatment stay.

Outpatient therapy is often considered a form of continuing care. During this phase, clients work with their therapists in order to build a long-term aftercare plan that is customized to their unique needs.

These plans often include committing to a certain number of 12-step meetings and attending sober support groups.

Aftercare can also refer to alumni programs, which are ongoing services for people who have graduated from Vertava Health of Massachusetts treatment programs.

Alumni programs allow clients to stay in touch with their sober support system and also offer an opportunity to help those who are newer in recovery.

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What Are The Benefits Of Aftercare And Continuing Care?

Leaving treatment and transitioning back into the community can be an overwhelming process. Rehab programs are a highly supervised and protected environment, and many people find it more difficult to avoid substances outside the boundaries of treatment.

If a client in aftercare encounters a person, place, or thing that triggers a drug craving, they can reach out to treatment staff to help them through the situation.

This ongoing communication can help prevent relapse, as accountability serves as a recovery protective factor.

Facing cravings and triggers are a common part of early sobriety. Having a sober community to process through this phase can be extremely helpful in building a long-term, successful recovery.

Additional benefits of aftercare and continuing care at Vertava Health of Massachusetts include:

  • 10:1 client-therapist ratio
  • alumni program membership
  • ongoing communication with the alumni coordinator
  • weekly coffee talks with an alumni group
  • membership to private Facebook alumni group
  • Vertava Health of Massachusetts reunions
  • sober milestone celebrations
  • opportunities to serve as a peer leader, support mentor, or program volunteer

How Long Does Aftercare And Continuing Care Last?

One of the most significant benefits of aftercare programming is that it has no expiration date. The relationships and support that are built during treatment can last a lifetime.

Once a client has completed the residential phase of treatment, they engage in at least 10 days of outpatient therapy. During this time, clients work with their therapist to draft an aftercare plan that works for them.

At first, it can be difficult to realize that recovery is a lifelong process. But over time, many clients learn to appreciate the gift of sobriety and view their ongoing recovery as an opportunity for growth.

Is Aftercare And Continuing Care At Vertava Health of Massachusetts Right For Me?

Research shows that the best way to treat addiction is in a long-term rehab program like the residential program at Vertava Health of Massachusetts.

If you are looking for addiction treatment aftercare in Massachusetts, Vertava Health of Massachusetts could be a great fit for you or your loved one. Our program offers compassionate, expert care in a serene and nature-rich environment.

Located in the Berkshire Mountains, Vertava Health of Massachusetts provides a range of traditional and alternative therapies. Our on-site treatment services include:

  • group counseling
  • cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • recreational therapy
  • outdoor-based treatment
  • nutrition and wellness education
  • budgeting and sober-living skills

These groups help prepare clients for success both during and after treatment, especially as they transition back to the community.

Experts have found that treatment lasting at least 90 days is associated with stronger recovery outcomes. This can be accomplished during the treatment phases and continuing care programs at Vertava Health of Massachusetts.

To learn more about aftercare and continuing care at Vertava Health of Massachusetts, contact one of our treatment specialists today.


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